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Adaptation (Scarborough Fair) A traditional folk song with a 'human' touch 4/27/18
I Stand Alone a song about loss from 'Ruins' 6/7/98
Bad Weekend (3:16) A song about a long lost weekend 11/16/20
Beauty (Is) ... timeless and nameless. A song. 5/21/18
Believe a song about faith from 'Ruins' 5/6/98
Blackout I don't know what this (song) - or any of this - is. 1/26/21
Choices a song about freedom from 'Ruins' 1/28/97
Citrus A song, now, about waste 11/8/20
Closer (To the New) ...than the old - another damn song 5/27/18
cold still waiting A words and music thing 1/20/21
Exit Wound a song about life and death from 'Ruins' Sept. 95
(You're Not Here) To Forgive A song about a shift in perspective 3/9/18
Fortifications (Letter to Myself) A song for healing 2/22/18
Photograph (Good-bye) A song about parting 4/19/18
Good Love an old fashioned blues from 'Ruins' 3/8/02
(Climbing) Gravity's Well A song about freedom and space 12/2/20
Hunger a song about food from 'Ruins' 2/10/94
Impressions of a Sunset a song about loss from 'Ruins' 9/12/96
Islands (A song about) coming back to Earth 1/31/21
It Was Raining I took some words I wrote in 11/04 and made them into a song 4/20/21
Lemonfishbutter a song about requited lust from 'Ruins' 12/29/94
Lighthouse (You Will Find Your Way) Another (song) from the eye of the storm (2:40 AM) 12/6/17
Winter (Lost You To) A song about fearing a terrible loss - and losing 8/25/17
Nothing to Heal A song - a waltz macabre 1/8/21
Overture (Fever Dream) The opening for Lost and Found 6/28/18
Private Plains Ape A song about how we survive and function in groups 2/10/21
Shambles a song about - who knows what - from 'Ruins' June 96
Somebody Else's Well a song about infidelity from 'Ruins' 7/7/98
Strung Out A song about love and beauty. Or drugs. 12/8/20
Sunflakes A musical treatsicle 12/21/20
(In the Theater) Tonight A light-hearted song 3/9/18
trust an instrumental from 'Ruins' that I made up words for 12/11/02
Stupid Global Village song about perspective from 'Ruins' 9/23/04
What You Got A sinuous song of the night 11/8/20
When She's Gone A song about the mysteries of love 11/18/20
When This Is Over A plague-inspired song 4/11/20
Winter (Lost You Two) A song that developed out of Lost You To 8/25/17
You Must Be Crazy a song about habit from 'Ruins' June 98
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