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Spring My Love Will Come

And so we wait for winter's end

But when, my darling, when?

When the snow has melted
And the crocus blooms again
When the birds sing in the maple
Our skies, bright blue, come then

Then, my darling, then
Winter's ice will flow again
Springlight comes to part the darkness
And so will you my friend

But then, my heart, what then?

Then my breast grows swollen
And the wind full strongly sighs
Then my blood is boldly flowing
In my veins, my love, my eyes

Then, my heart, that's when
Flower buds will swell again
Springlight wraps me in its passion
And so will you my friend

But where, my lover, where?

Here through green and thicketed shade
I'll shed my robes for you and
Lay them in this new-leafed glade
A blanket for loving two

This dew, my love, is due
To feed our loins again
Springlight comes across my face
And so will you my friend

(brief solo)

Why, my love, they'll ask why?

Why this rift we two should mend
This time and space between?
The season comes but flush with hearts
And floods our banks with dreams

(And still they ask that question why
Why, why, why?)
Well springlight knows why you have come
And so, my friend, will I

You'll be coming with flowers
You'll be coming insane
You'll be coming in showers
With thunder bows and rain

And that is how winter ends


Obstructed View: Ceilings and Cellars (Windows and Doors)

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