Random Thoughts


Flamingo and a mango
Down a tasty street
Touch me just a tiger fruit
The other one is meat
Feathers for an easy flight
Pink embalming suit
Mango and flamingo (play it on a flute)

A cactus and a porcupine
Casino steak and hilltop sign
Two ends of an era gone
Poised awkwardly behind
Hold you down and teasing
Some pleasure out of pain
Mango and flamingo (I'll say it again)

Leather hammered iron
Glass-like wooden staff
Might be quite fulfilling
If you finish with a laugh
Soft pores carefully chosen
Tightly strapped and swollen
Mango and flamingo (a private little poem)

We call each others' names
In careful whispered codes
And revel in delight when
We find and squeeze these lodes

A sharing flesh and fetishary
In all we do and say
Fingers lick for meaning your
Tongue begs to "come this way"

Cannabis sativa is an indicated flavor
Working your saliva head's a real life saver
With matching passions flowing
In and out of what we find
In this light you feel me and
The way we're inner twined
Mango and flamingo (it's only in your mind)

Flamingo and a mango
Mango and flamingo
Flamingo and a mango

Fixing up the silken holes
Our never way back home


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Demo - 2022 06 12

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