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Winter (Lost You Two)

I know two lost lovers
Gone terribly awry
Careless words fell too freely
All they've left is to cry

* * *

You stung his heart deeply
That you cannot undo
Yet he still mourns you daily
That's how much he loves you

His life will lack flavor
All his dreams black and white
Empty hopes won't save him
In this air cold and dry

And as he lies sleepless
One and one no more two
He'll never have feelings
Like he once shared with you

* * *

You left her days hollow
And the nights tear her through
The simplest of habits
Will remind her of you

Your smile it will haunt her
In mirrors of her mind
Your eyes they'll torment her
She'll have nowhere to hide

No refuge to run to
And no place to retreat
Where you had not loved her
All she feels is defeat

* * *

To my two sad lovers
Who wish it were not true:
"You feel lost without them
Yet they're dreaming of you"

* * *

"But not at the same time"

This adaptation dates from 3/25/18
The first person original was written 8/25/17
There is also an interpretation in the second person

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