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Llamas on Their Way to Denver

Llamas on their way to Denver
Llamas on their way back home
Are we gonna wave them over -
And listen to their priestly drone?
(Llamas on their way to Denver)

Llamas on their way to Denver
Skipping Colorado Springs
Gonna spend some time in the Rockies
Makin' wool and llama things

Llamas on their way to Cairo
Lamas make their way from Tibet
It's supposed to rain again tomorrow
You know you're gettin' soakin' wet

Llamas on the road Sid Vicious -
Spit and cut and kicking fight
Don't you ever try to ride them
Or catch a pod of them in flight

Llamas on their way to Denver
Missing Colorado Springs
Llamas want the Interstate open
Llamas play while llama sings

(the no singing part)

Farmers said they had a four-alarmer
With ladder trucks and hoses from away
Because I really care, I had to check the news -
No llamas harmed in Silverthorne today

Llamas eating breakfast with Jimmy
Taking lunch with Rolling Stone
Llamas with a jetpack named Willie
Llamas using llama phones

Llamas on their way to Denver
Calling Colorado Springs
Llamas in pajamas with Johnny
Llamas doing llama things


Obstructed View: IntroViolet

Demo - 2021 08 02

(Photo stolen from Victor!)

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