Random Thoughts

Silent Flowers

those young old folks got it right at times -
keep your mouth shut and put flowers in a gun
say nothing, quickly, share a sunshine daisy
or a rose, is a rose, love despite thorns

silent flowers
breathing space
deadly force
thrust in your face

helmets of yellow, helmets of green
lined up across the paths before us
and all we want are the simple things
peace, and love, and happiness

silent flowers
breathing space
(soften the difference that can't be real)
deadly force
flies in your face

the words that divide us resonate
tear us apart from any shared view
our instructors say there's too much hate
but they blame most of it on you

oh, where to begin to blur these lines
pull us back from the brink of death
there must be a way we can share in time
over food and drink, a careful breath

silent flowers
breathing space
deadly force
takes off your face

but we've been told - and it's mostly true
that we disagree too much
it could be that this division in two is
because our minds and spirits never touch

silent flowers
breathing space
deadly force
ends the race


Obstructed View: IntroViolet

Demo - 2021 07 04
words & music both in roughly second draft

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© Huw Powell

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