Random Thoughts


My carbon copy of love
Little silhouette of affection
Simulacrum of such delights
My temporary inflection
(And I guess - that you'll do - just for now)

I'll blindly forward my emotions
(And overhead baggage) to you
I'll do this the way it worked once before
This package arrives postage due
(But no strings, use no hooks, oh no strings)

My carbon copy of love
Little silhouette of affection

And if I run out of paper
I'll be sure to address you above
Remembering postage and "fondest regards"
My pillarbox slot filled with love

Carbon copy emotion
Little silhouette of love

If only you were more than a target
A filler without any clothes
This could have been more worth your effort
As it is, your copy's enclosed
(Pass it on, now it's yours, pass it on)

My carbon copy of love
Silhouette of affection
Carbon copy emotion
Silhouette empty of love

My carbon copy of love


Obstructed View: Carbon Copy

Demo - 2022 03 27

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