Random Thoughts


Africa, Africa
Indian, Atlantic
Capetown Congo Nile

Chains of islands
Stretch across
Half the watered

America, America
Hispaniola, Cuba
Central Pacific
Caribbean Jamaica

Japan Sri Lanka
Asia Asia Asdia
Urals, Himalayas
Arctic steppes Fantasia

Sicily and Corsica
European empires
Olive-stuffed haggis
The Rhone to the Rhine

Australia, Australia
Papua New Guinea
New Zealand Maori
Balsa rafts Kon Tiki

Antarctica Antarctica
It's really fucking cold
Just remote ice shelves
Glaciers creeping home

But Africa, Africa
Our mother, left behind
Complicated questions
Answers too much time


Demo - 2021 02 05 - this song is evolving rapidly

Obstructed View: 2021
a song about the end of the world
and some filler

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