Random Thoughts

Some Stories

Straining at lives come unbearable
In some hollowed suburban habitat
Everyone wants to live by the ocean
In wildflower mountainside cabinettes

We're all the stars of some stories
But your act is unopened yet

Coach Dave was almost a football star
Mark's working on his fifth novel
Mary writes poetry you wouldn't believe
And Anne paints a pretty mean oil

We're all the stars of some stories
Despite what they'd have you think
Skeleton keys to new plots abound
With a few succumbing to drink

Even the losers and their losses are threads
In the needles of social embroidery
For the suburban-apartment living room walls
And our mountainside wildflower tapestry


And everyone wants to describe
who they are and just what they think
as if it was some competition
that they were trying to win

And a few succumbing to drink

Well Fred's waffles are 4-H certified first-class
And our Debbie plays that guitar
Most of the band is going up to State
You know fame and glory aren't far


Everyone's dreams are important
And their likes and dislikes unique
But five minutes a day of TV or radio
Can ruin your brain in a week

We're all the stars of some stories
Endings are not what we seek


Obstructed View: The Pause

Demo - 2022 09 25

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