Random Thoughts

All Around Us

It is all around us
It flows from you and me
It lives on all we feed it
Like our lives were meant to be

It is all around us
It grows from what we see
We give it all we needed
But it cries for more of me

It is all around us,
It is all around us
All we know and all we trust
Is raining down it always must

It is all around us
Widths, depths, and heights to scale
Challenge us, rewarding us
But freeing us to fail

It is all around us
It's kept us in our jails
This harbinger enormous
Is feeding on our tales

chorus - raining down

With the clever stripping out the blind
There's no leather here for us to find
Mine manganese by limestone hills
The dragon's greens, let's find some thrills

chorus - coming down

It is all around us
We fools, lovers, friends
Who found our sacred beings
And tied us to our selves

It is all around us
A whirlpool without end
That drowns and takes our feelings
We cried our wishing wells

chorus - raining down

chorus - coming down

chorus ...all we are is turned to dust

...turned to dust


Obstructed View: Ceilings and Cellars (Windows and Doors)

Demo - 2023 05 12

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