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Filler (With Just a Little Kiss)

I was walkin' on the water with the surf up to my knees
I was chillin' with the band when she said, "mister, please -
Can you hold me just a minute while I rub this on my lips?
Hold you squeeze you fill me up with just a little kiss"

(It's a jungle down there)

I was cuttin' through the brush with a rainbow in my hair
I was gently bendin' limbs to show how much I cared
She said "pull them back and hold me" with eyes that told me more
Then moved me to the other side and kissed me by the door

(That tongue feels so good)

I was strollin' up the city with songs singin' in my ear
I was crossin' up the sidewalk when I felt her wriggle near
"You're coming after in a story I can swallow whole -
The way I want to kiss you grows a fountain in my soul"

(That fountain feels so full)

She leaned in and stroked my cheek
With undulating waves
"The tide will pull me in and out
When you kiss me where I shave"

(Drops of morning dew)

At the fair the sky was wet as the saturated ground
And every time I went to bet I could feel her presence 'round
"I know it's only swollen rivers that overflow their banks but
Your kisses make me ache and sweat and soak you in romance"

(Come drown me in your love)

Oh now what you're doing
Wrap me with your lips
Make it hard to know you
Feel me with your kiss
Now come in around me
I'm filling up your lips
Make me come and show you
With just a little kiss


(working with a few ideas from 7/28/20)

Obstructed View: The Pause

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