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You Must Be Crazy

    You must be crazy, to still be seeing me
    you've met somebody who really makes you feel
    you shouldn't be here, you're taking such a risk
    you could throw it all away for just another kiss

    You must be crazy, to juggle feelings like you do
    you've found someone who really wants you too
    the past weighs down on us, like a hundred pounds of lead
    while his smile makes lightning go shooting through your head

    You must be crazy, we've been dying in our dreams
    why do you come back to relive this played out scene
    your nightmares haunt you, you know we can't escape
    grow some wings now girl this just can't be your fate

    You must be crazy, from a long long time ago
    I won your heart once but I can't return that love you know
    take your chance now, he's crying in the night
    you must do better and treat your sweet heart right

    You must be crazy, to still be seeing me

    June 98

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