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Winter (Lost You To)

And as I lay sleepless
I thought I had lost you
I felt I had nothing
One and one no more two

My life would lack flavor
All my dreams black and white
The sun could not heal me
In this air cold and dry

My days would be hollow
And nights tear me through
The simplest of habits
Would remind me of you

Your smile it would haunt me
In mirrors of my mind
Your eyes they'd torment me
I'd have nowhere to hide

No refuge to run to
And no place to retreat
Where you had not loved me
I can't face this defeat

And as I lay shaking
And sweating out the night
I knew I had nothing
You'd given up the fight


On 3/15/18 I developed a third person interpretation I call Winter (Lost You Two).
I also played around with a second person perspective from 4/14/18.

Demo 2018 07 16

The evening of July 15th I ran through a few recordings of this song, in my never-ending quest for the "perfect" way to present it. Although I did not hit on that magical formula (I think I may be getting closer overall, though), I did turn up this interesting window into serendipity. During the second run-through, I accidentally coughed a couple of times. Rather than abandon ship, I followed the basic rule of "if you make a mistake, play through it", and kept going. It didn't matter that I was recording, it was more an issue of practicing the whole song. Then I didn't delete it before I played it back. That is when I realized I had coughed at the right time: the lyric in the third verse becomes "[Cough cough] simplest of habits". Accidents like this present a new challenge - do I try to master "coughing" under control in that line as a permanent part of the song?

Anyway, here it is (the cough is at about 1:15 if you want to skip the rest):

[Cough] demo 2018 07 15

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