Random Thoughts


I wish this were happening in the distant "not yet"
And not in the "not long ago"
I wish I could still be looking forward to it
not struggling to let it go

How do I move a memory
from the past into the future?
How can I take when I wasn't ready
And live it instead of lose her?

She was someone I wish was coming
in the perhaps not-too-far-off year
Rather than a memory aching
when I wasn't ready for her


Instead I clumsily cast her aside
Not knowing how best to behave
If only I first knew her tomorrow
and dodged this emotional grave


But ere she rests there, partly unburied
A challenge to all who'd come now
Comfortable in her memory coffin
My head stone wondering how


Lose her

Lose her


Obstructed View: Ceilings & Floors (Windows and Doors)

Demo - 2023 04 01

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