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Beauty (Is)

Beauty is timeless

True beauty is not of an age

Real beauty wears its flaws with grace

Honest beauty covers not a thing with gloss

Lasting beauty shines forth from a life well-wrought

Humble beauty opens doors with a smile to let others pass

Living beauty finds new joy with every change

Quiet beauty is a charm in passing

Elegant beauty pauses with poise

Ragged beauty stands apart

Beauty is timeless


I still have moments - minutes, perhaps even an hour here or there - flickers in my blood and nerves - of the Spring of humanity which never unfolded this year. Not echoes, just so many delayed moments still waiting to be felt and lived.

Sometimes things around or in me will bring them on. Music is especially likely to do it.

Hearing this song, for example. It still sends shivers down my spine.

I wrote it in the spring of 2018, and this recording is from that June.

I hope that that Spring, and the waiting promises of this one, continue to live on and carry us through this cold winter looming.


Demo - 2018 06 20 take 4. No birds...

This copy is set to loop endlessly
(included for my own purposes):

"Canonical" demo - 2018 05 23 take 2. Yes, those are birds singing in the background.
I made this a day or two after writing the lyrics. The guitar work is "just right" - especially the lovely impact and flow of the opening.

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