Random Thoughts

The Transition

The big transition is the mental crossing
from capital G "God" to just plain gods.
The un-proper nouning of random inventions,
unnecessary entities, and stories to question.
This takes time.

The process unfolded as I came alive
from the age of seventeen to about 19-twenty-five,
and became increasingly less personal -
less and less about something seeming real
More conceptually abstract.

It took steady application of my will
the landscape of my thoughts and words and mind,
to gradually undo the programmed noise
I had been subjected to, however mild.

I've been clean now for about forty years.

From what I understand, those inflicted
with administration of Roman Catholicism
never truly recover, but can still live

(Magnificent interlude)

"Unnecessary entities" was an intentional allusion.
Religious concepts in general are in violation
of Occam's Razor in its original conception.
One might be forgiven for thinking that was his point.

"Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

You can do all this without losing track
of the core of your spirit and how
it relates to the rest of the universe.
In fact,
I think
once you get rid of these
"other people's thoughts and rules"
it starts to become easier
and more profound.


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