Random Thoughts

Invasive (Bittersweet)

inner visions extra dials
fuel the pressure needle rise

inner voices slipping into
extra senses can't you hear
what I'm saying's clearlyout
while meaning other things
it's all there, you slow down,
you can stop and think

extra versions multiply
inner voicings can't divide
equal black dimensions you
don't follow me at all
the pictures are projected
twice nightly on your walls

introducing Violet's
extraordinary clothes
she's reading every other word
they flash across the road
is there any meaning there
or just a feeling old?

inner visions extra dials
see the pressure needle rise?
time is perpendicular
to anything this wise

(do you know how to read)

it only lacks dimensions
if you don't follow me
time is perpendicular
to anything you feel
projected on cave walls
those pictures seemed so real

and I keep choosing up
and I keep chasing hope
she's lighting up my dreams
huntress darkness down
brushing up against the trees
or rooted in the ground

inner visions extra dials
fuel rod pressure needle rise
time in this emptiness
drains me of desire
come now
we'll do no harm


Obstructed View: IntroViolet

Demo - 2021 08 18

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