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(Climbing) Gravity's Well

The dust in our hearts that we share is long-spent: stars

Listening to silent constellations
In a nebulous creamy haze
Against a deep red cosmic background
We wander constantly in phase

Dancing Martial waterlords
Vogue in that Jovian delight
Sing Saturn's slow and stately waltz
Charming meteors that burn so bright

Morning Aphrodite whispers
Igniting Quicksilver fire
Leaving evening-fevered wishes
Feeding this Lunatic desire

Gemini, Apollo, Kepler, Galileo, Voyager One and Two

Writing a chorus without a melody
A balladeer without a name
Scribes our tribal memories
Seeking keys to fortune's secret game

Along forgotten thousand years
Fall comets focused on the Sun
Drop those ancient traps and fears
Eyes open skyward we've come to learn

Generations counted pebbles
One day calculated curves
We climbed so high so we could see
Our only home, our blue green Earth

Pluto, Uranus, Neptune: an icy dwarf and two gas giants for you

12/2/2020 2:20 AM

See "Graffiti" as well, and "Steam Dreams"

Demo - 2021 04 12

Obstructed View: 2021
a song about the end of the world
and some filler

(notes about the song)

(I saved easy access to the frantic banshee
demo of 9 March 2021 in these notes)

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