Random Thoughts


(Should I get your name tattooed
across the clouds that float in blue?)

I could not forget the way we met,
or my nervousness inside;
you flew across the room and said
"'Smile out loud' - are you my kind?"

Now we have spent some days like this,
and we've both learned a thing or two -
our parting touches, tenderness,
our eyes, say it's not through.

(Brief interlude)

We're drawn together, how we dance,
in this magnetic strangerness.
We whisper and we're in a trance,
mesmerized, it's dangerous.

Should we get our names tattooed
across the oceans of all time,
or just commit to memory
the way we sailed them with our minds?

(Romantic . . .
Should I get your name tattooed
across the lifeline of my hand -
or do it to do it or do it to do it or -
play our cards the way they land?
. . . interlude)

Ice cream how perfect can it be,
this electric together us?
Evening lights our lives carefree,
fueled by liquid living trust.

Should I get your name tattooed
across the knuckles of my chest -
or kiss your hair a sweet good-night?
You know - it's not so dangerous.

danger -



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