Random Thoughts

By the Bay

Two bodies lying dead on the side of the road
Something went wrong, mistaken when they showed
They took a long drive to sit down by the bay
It was a beautiful evening in the city that day

As time went by they enmeshed their lives
Their meter was complex but never expired
They spent months exploring, coloring their rhymes
It wasn't just a night, you know, it took a lot of time

They met at a party and fell quite in love
In the mysterious ways that people cross paths
She had on a short dress that she had never worn
He chose his favorite shirt and his weekend cologne

Perhaps for coffee, or a cocktail or two,
People made plans, to meet, or pursue
Everyone set about their ideas for the day
It was a beautiful morning in the city by the bay

By the bay


Obstructed View: Carbon Copy

Demo - 2022 03 31

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