Random Thoughts

his freedom

he's a rebel, a cowboy, a loner
A one-man army a stoner for
freedom, freedom

unlike you or I with our tongues
he can hold his freedom
he can caress it and polish it
in case he needs it to come

it's a bit like you and me with our books
he can get it out to admire
and he can clean and lubricate
polish it ready aim fire

let freedom ring in your ears
freedom follows the rules
freedom, freedom

his freedom is real and righteous
his freedom is stern in might
he stands ready to enforce what he thinks
some slavers once thought was right

he can collect the reminders
of every one of his freedoms
in a book of magazine clippings
his freedom he'll never abandon

let freedom ring in your ears
freedom to follow the rules
this freedom feeds on fears
and curses our churches and schools
freedom, freedom

and his freedom now comes with a cure
for her disappointments as well
feel that hard tool inside her soft pillow
and dream of it ringing your bell


freedom so strong we cradle it
he wears it to answer his call
a freedom so strong he can't feel it
without threatening you and yours

when buying and selling our freedom
the right is all that matters
we all need a steady subscription
to freedom that isn't in tatters
ode to freedom in single-serve packets


this freedom rings in our ears
as long as we follow those rules


Obstructed View: Ceilings and Cellars (Windows and Doors)

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