Random Thoughts

You Have Been Gone

You have been gone so very long
But you have returned today
It's been a long time you've been gone
But I know you know what to say

I'm not sure this patience is a virtue
As it leaves me too long alone
But I thought it best to wait here for you
But I'm not sure you still call me "home"

So do I stretch this one more time
This space is taking all my rhyme
Do I let you tell my heart
Tell my heart, tell me when?

I'm sure that by now this is habit
With roles we can play in our sleep
But really oh really I wish we could break
This and finally start something deep

So do I let you back inside
Choke back on my injured pride
Do I let you take me for granted?
Take me for granted again?

How long you have been gone.


Obstructed View: Carbon Copy

Demo - 2022 03 30 - a first draft.
Just imagine the last line over that last chord.

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