Random Thoughts

(In the Theater) Tonight

Death is stalking the boards
In the theater tonight
Not to seem untimely or violent
But to set a contrast for the light

Love is hovering in the proscenium
Of the theater tonight
Not to make a fool or unlikely pair
But to challenge us with its light

Comedy is hiding under the big table
In the theater tonight
Not to convulse us or be of some relief
But to remind us that all is light

Janus is crawling through the audience
In the theater tonight
Not to close the past or call the future
But to open the dark into the light

Memories are floating through the air
Of the theater tonight
Nothing stale or painful, just the glow
Of our minds' internal light

Music is welling up from the orchestra
In the theater tonight
With sublime melodies and intricate rhythms
It overflows our souls with light

Time itself is ticking slowly
In the theater tonight
Not to be alarming or make us late
But to be a measure of the light

And you and I
Are in the theater

3/9/18; 3/24/18

Demo, 7/22/18 - has the ending.
A bit better than the old one, I'll try again...

(notes about the song)

This copy is set to loop endlessly
(included for my own purposes):

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