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I am a thinker and a writer. At this point I use an unconventional mode of publishing (I wrote this in 1999) and therefore I have to develop unconventional modes of getting paid for my writing (and banner ads make me queasy). Here on this web site I am offering up my innermost thoughts and feelings, my analyses of some kinds of problems and solutions, my little creations, for you to enjoy (I hope). There is no quid pro quo - anyone can read this material and get from it whatever they want for free.   the author

This project takes a great deal of energy and time to get the ideas worked into the shape which I intend. Meanwhile, I struggle to make a living. I operate a rather unique small business (HUMAN Speakers), which does provide me with a way to pay the electric company, but many of the mental processes I put myself through for my writing conflict with my ability to give the business the attention it "deserves."

The most obvious way to support my work, and get something tangible and special in return, would be for you buy some speakers from me. Put it on your "to do" list...

$ $ $ $ $

But anyway, if you've been skipping around and enjoying ths little corner of the internets (I wrote that in 2007) you can, and should, support my work. Sending me some money is an appropriate way to express your appreciation, because I can use it to buy food.

How much money should you send? That depends upon how much you have, more than anything else. If you drink, think in terms of how much you spent on alcohol in the last week or two. Or you could think in terms how much you spend on CD's, books, or concert tickets over a month or two.

If you have a lot of money, you should consider why you have it, and what sort of satisfaction and insight you have gained here compared to the other uses to which you put it. If you have spent all your time and creativity in the pursuit of financial goals, and succeeded, your very livelihood was made possible by people like me down the ages (underpaid but amusing fools). Those who elaborated and refined the modern liberal political traditions of economic freedom are rare and valuable to you! (ok, the internets are now full of people who think they know how to run the world - so is this an obsolete point? Haha, no, they are all idiots and I am the true savior of Western Civilization - which as Ghandi said, would be a good idea) If you are earning over $150k a year, you should be giving at least 10% of it to real charities and other non-political causes. And a few bucks to the homeless, panhandlers, and oddballs like me.

€ € € € €

Sending me a comfortably smallish sum, of say, $10 - 50, will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Annual contributions of this nature will be appreciated. Monthly ones will be appreciated even more.

Considering the potential risk to my freedom I may be taking by expressing myself honestly and openly, those who can send $50 - 100 will be able to sleep better knowing they have made it easier for me to make bail or hire a half-way decent lawyer, if it ever comes down to that. Again, annual checks make you special - but monthly ones can make you a hero.

The occasional $100 - 500 contribution to my work, while not yet tax deductible, should be considered as an integral part of a complete, healthy financial plan of the moderately well off.

£ £ £ £ £

Dedications provide a nice way to get a personal touch in return for your contribution. With your donation of $10 or more, you can pick a specific thought and have your dedication (think in terms of one to three lines of text) inscribed below it for a week or so. Please note that the wording of dedications must be approved - just be nice, is all I ask. Dedications will also be highlighted in red in the indices. The time period can easily be arranged to meet your needs, like someone's birthday, or the anniversary of your parent's wedding, for instance.

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

How do you perform these random acts of generosity?

For now, send your check, money order (or carefully concealed cash) in US funds to:

Huw Powell
HUMAN Thoughts
7 Kelsey Road
Lee NH 03824

or you can use Paypal - support@humanthoughts.org is the account name to credit.

If you would like to offer a dedication, please name the file and provide the text. I will let you know via email when your dedication will run - if you have a preference just let me know. If you like I can email the honoree to inform them of your generosity, with or without them knowing you were the culprit.

Thank you very much for your continued support,

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