Random Thoughts

Fortifications (Letter to Myself)

Build a wall around
this hole full of pain
and slowly fill it in
with love.

(The love you gave away so freely will do.)

Keep the wall low and
leave a few bricks loose,
be sure to let some pain
escape every day;
let anyone who wants to help
do their part.

Dig a ditch around
this mountain of pain
and let it slowly fill in
with love.

(The love you so freely gave away is you.)

Keep it clean and fresh
and not too wide to cross,
be sure to let some pain
wash away each day;
welcome all friendly shovels
to the task.

Let the pain
keep the wall
let the air
of love
keep the moat

(The love you gave away will breathe for you.)

(Life, love, live, love)

Once: buried or drowning.
Now: building and growing.

A butterfly will
set me free.


Demo - 2018 06 21 take 4, 4 AM... again

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