Random Thoughts


Spread open your fears ... insensible

Tonight for all that you can hear
I'll come with you and scream
And shake and shiver and shudder again
And listen to you in your dreams

You know I worked these months to scheme
Sky blue eyes to tease you ... insensible

And then as far as you can see
My marble polished ride with
Emptied fountains that knew your throat
And gorge's mounting slide

You made me thick for days inside
Your highs my tongue release you ... insensible

Bite down on all the salt you taste
I'll come for your sour pain
Oil you, lash you, wrap you tightly
With bittersweet in chains

You lead my hand for hours insane
I draw your nose, increase you ... insensible

And when you cast your scented spell
Phosphored, tumescent brine
Lips that dare, your petals flare
You share, you're flooded, mine

My love in minutes quivered lips
I pause glow squeeze to ease you ... insensible

Your skin is incomprehensible

Aching probing broke our backs
While urgently making "art"
Your crescendo's agonies grip me tight
Your hair, pulse, pounds your heart

As every second fills every night
I drink my fill to please you ... insensible

And all these senses nightly scream
"Come with me we'll dream"



Obstructed View: Ceilings and Cellars (Windows and Doors)

Demo - 2023 04 11

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