Random Thoughts


have blanked me
day by day
you've blanked me
week by week
you left me
kiss by kiss
you iced me
just like this

erasure of your student debt
erasure of your daddy's wealth
erasure of your steamy past
erasure of your feeling self

erasure of your memory
erasing what you've forgotten
erasure of the coming future
I'll race you down to the bottom

have blanked me...

erasure of all the elements
erasure of your quirky style
erasure of the acids and the lies
erasing that one last smile

erasure of the open field
erasing that once-blue sky
erasure of all the melodies
erasure of the who and why

have blanked me...

erasure of the moon at night
erasing every single star
erasure of the way you left me
erasing my wounded heart


Obstructed View: Victory Is For Lovers

Demo - 2021 11 15 3rd of 3 after 5 after 9 = take 17

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