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america7 elections can be depressing 11/7/02
belief2 a logical disputation of belief 11/26/99
belief3 about struggling 'not to believe' 11/19/97
belief4 a cute, but useless, quote 3/22/01
blasphemy a short rumination on naming our gods 7/8/00
The Brain The brain is an organ 8/4/16
cycles7 seven year growth cycles of the personality 8/5/00
darkness a formless echo from the abyss 1/30/03
days dark depressing little ones, indeed 8/25/03
definitions A first attempt to define a few terms I need 7/12/00
Empty A poem about simplicity 6/1/18
error1 an error that permeates Western thought 8/4/00
Frequently Asked Questions what it says on the tin 6/23/05
fear1 a short note about complacency 12/1/99
freedom3 does freedom even exist? 3/29/01
gender1 a radical view of men and women I hold very dear 8/1/00
gods_and_monsters time to regroup and start over? 8/13/03
Hunger a song about food from 'Ruins' 2/10/94
hunger2 half a loaf is better... 4/24/03
jesus.htm random half-finished jokes about a dead carpenter 11/9/06
Juvenilia Stylistic ramblings in pottery land 10/1/14
life1 imaginary little literary scavenger hunt 8/19/03
Lighthouse (You Will Find Your Way) Another (song) from the eye of the storm (2:40 AM) 12/6/17
love1 pure love flows through all without aim... 7/13/00
meaning1 which came first? an important question 8/5/00
meaning2 all answers, all the time 3/23/04
method kind of a description of how I am doing this 7/12/00
my_damn_life A partial story of my altered states 7/10/00
origins where we from? eh? 3/28/02
otherpeopleisms.htm a few things that made me chuckle 5/22/05
premises the beginnings of an attempt to be more rigorous 7/12/00
prometheus a harsh and tragic outburst of ego 1/21/03
questions2.htm interviewing versus actually being with 8/17/03
reality1 what is real? 10/17/00
reality2 internal and external lives 10/17/00
religion0 the past and the future of religion 4/2/02
science from the beginning to now - and what? 1/05/02
Shattered A reflection on the nature of some 'broken' people 12/30/17
spirit0 a foreshadowing of this journey down the rabbit hole 10/13/99
spirit1 an early attempt to define this project 10/13/99
spirit10 so where does your 'soul' go when you die? 10/17/00
spirit11 Space, Time, and Light 5/12/01
spirit12 strangers who are not so strange to us 5/16/01
spirit13 the nature of a strange 'organ' 4/2/02
spirit2 an 'extroduction' - part 2 of love4 (I think) 10/13/99
spirit3 how to react to these events 7/31/00
spirit4 theories about the nature of spiritual perceptions 7/31/00
spirit5 how information can move in and out of space time 8/13/00
spirit6 asking questions 8/13/00
spirit7 how space-time and the beyond are related 7/31/00
spirit9 A major attempt at defining what this site is all about 7/18/00
theMindxxxx a site expounding a theory of the MIND Feb-Mar/00
The Tower What is its purpose? 5/21/18
thesis1 a bit about the core of this project 12/2/99
thesis2 what do I expect from you? 8/2/00
thesis4 the limitations of scientific method on my work 3/28/02
time2 early evidence of Thoughts in your humble author 4/15/88
truth0 some scattered thoughts I found lying around 1/25/87
truth1 truth and dogma 5/2/01
types what we call our altered states... 7/10/00
types01 out of body experiences, or astral projection 12/26/01
types02 seeing god, religious ecstacy, praying... 12/26/01
types03 visions, hallucinations and schizophrenia 12/26/01
types04 meditational states and transcendence 12/26/01
types05 feeling at one with the universe 12/26/01
types06 seeing ghosts 12/26/01
war1 who would Jesus kill? 4/8/03
war2 support the troops? 4/17/03
words2 language barriers to discussing transcendental topics 12/26/01
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