Random Thoughts


"I like writing Haiku, because the toughest part is counting to seven."

From the creator of the Solar Death Ray.

"You'd be surprised how many elements are available at Walmart, and the isolation is far easier than from the ores."

"In fact I am thinking of adopting a religion that forbids the use of non-electric tools. (In my opposite-Amish religion, it would be permissible to attach small blinking LEDs to hand saws and chisels to make them OK to use, in those rare instances where it's unavoidable.)"

from The Periodic Table Table builder.

"People who like assault weapons - they should join the U.S. Army, we have them."

former presidential candidate General Wesley Clark (ret.)

"Amorphous revolution: the overthrow of nothing in specific."


"[Presidential candidate H. Ross] Perot did incredibly well - imagine what a sane person could do!"

Michael Moore, "Dude, Where's My Country?" p. 205

"We're only inadvertently non-profit here at Air America Radio."

Rachel Maddow, on her AAR morning show

(This compendium introduced 5/22/05)

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