Random Thoughts

Prometheus Scorned

      What is it that you people want?
      Answers for how to heal your shoddy lives?
      I tell you and you argue from lack of imagination
      I show you and you simplify success to luck

      Not easy is this understanding
      Not like reading fairy tales (or self-help books)
      Not easy is the road to happiness
      Not like watching television (or following orders)

      Unyoke yourselves
      From your pathetic fantasies;
      From your commercialized brainwashing;
      From your tattered dreams of love.

      Harden your hearts
      To desperate years of learning
      To honest struggles with your flaws
      To realize you may never be happy

      What is it you people want?
      Warm beds, good food and an easy conscience?
      I tell you and you simplify in your ignorance
      You like the poetry but -

      You prefer feeling to thought
      Without ever really doing either.

      1/21/03 - 5 AM

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