Random Thoughts

The Tower

You asked me, "What is its purpose?"

Well, what is the purpose of anything?

The proximate reason for its conception was to remount a weathervane, after I removed the horrible little cupola that had held it for years.

The overarching reason for its concept and execution was to make the world a more beautiful place, using galvanized steel as my medium of expression.

I built something that is a statement, thirty-five feet up in the air, shaking its fist at the ragged wind, while yielding to its every impulse.

The unspoken assumption behind any creation is to express the love one feels, and to attract what one loves to oneself.

"Have nothing in your universe that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful."

Strive for this in all you do, in all you are, and in all you want, and you will never regret the paths you have walked.


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