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There are two sides to the issue of preconception when it comes to transcendental states. One, the problem, is having too limited an idea of what this sort of experience is and can mean. For example, if you expect all spiritual information to fit some religious dogma, the value is going to be seriously degraded - no new truths may enter your mind and any that try to enter will be twisted to fit your preconception. The other is that you can intentionally prepare yourself for certain sorts of experience, for certain kinds of information to be "transmitted" and "received." It is perfectly reasonable, especially if you are getting used to these states, to enter them with a "question," in order to receive an "answer" that is somehow correlated.

I do not mean, of course, questions like "will he marry me," or "will the market continue to rise," but more abstract, structural or spiritual questions, like "who am I," or "is this course of action true for me." Depending on the nature of your clarity in asking the question and the complexity of your implicit assumptions the answer will vary likewise in clarity and usefulness to you.

In late June and early July of the year 2000 I wandered through an exhausting series of these states. More and more, as they occurred, my questions were "what is the nature of this experience" and "how does this work?" The answers I felt inside my mind as a result are part of what I am trying to share here. The answers were more than simply ideas about the nature and structure of these states of course, they also included overwhelming emotional and spiritual information that is very difficult to translate into words. The only translation they ever yielded to, besides the exhilaration of the state itself, was (over and over again) that the Universe is a terrible and beautiful place.

8/13/00 - 3 AM

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