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I don't expect you, or anyone for that matter, to "agree" with the things I say. I don't expect other people to think the same things that I think.

What I hope is that some people, many people, have been thinking, or will start thinking, about some of the same things. If we all try as much as we can to invent better ways to live, perhaps someday our descendants will be able to live one or many of those ways and have a more fulfilling "pursuit of happiness".

It's not about criticising the world around us, pointing out the flaws and foibles of humanity - although that is usually a necessary step along the way - it is about getting beyond the complaints and starting to try to understand and figure out what would be better. I think it soon becomes apparent that there are some radical changes we have to effect in our organisations and lives, changes that will only come about if many, many people simply to start to live differently.

It is actualise your self and at the same time consider how the process can be freely and productively embarked upon by others.

These files are just my attempt to share where I have been and where I am, on those terms.

Huw Powell


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