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Q: Does Jesus love me?

A: No. Jesus is dead. If you were alive 2000 years ago and he knew you, he might have loved you. In fact, based on my reading of his story, he probably would have. The question is, are you (would you have been) worthy of his love?

Q: Where do I go when I die?

A: That depends. Some people go underground, in a fancy box, pumped full of preservatives. Others decide to get incinerated, having various things done with the remaining ashes. That's basically what happens to your body. If by "I" you mean your sense of being a self, the answer is: you disappear. Your sense of self depends on a living human brain functioning in a human body, and to a varying degree, your relationships with people and things that are of this living world. When your brain stops working, what we know as "you" ceases to exist.

Q: What is the next step in our evolution?

A: There is no "next step." Evolution is not heading in any particular direction, it is just the accumulation of traits (and discarding of them) under the pressure of natural selection - meaning that what works at any given time is more likely to survive. We are not the "end product" of evolution, any more than any other species alive to day is. The only way to imagine what species might be alive in the future is to postulate theoretical conditions (if they are to change, and when), and wildly guess at what mutations (or hidden traits) might enable or disable given species to survive those conditions. This is called science fiction.

Q: Will I meet the man of my dreams?

A: No.


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