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Definitions (unfinished)

There is a problem with language that I wish to avoid by using a special vocabulary to minimise prior connotations that come with common words.

The class of events I wish to discuss fall under the general label of "spiritual experiences" of which there are many types.

I would like to call these experiences taken as an entire data set Transcendental States (or States for short because I can't spell, or type, transcendental!). I also like the shorthand phrase Events for the experiences we have in these states.

The part of ourselves that we experience these events through, and part that grows in response to the experience, is commonly referred to as the soul, the spirit, the muse, the heart, etc.

The part of ourselves that is involved in experiencing these states will be referred to as the Antenna

The common labels for the level of realities we perceive in these events are "God", "the infinite", "

The information the Antenna picks up when we have events I will say is from or about the Void, as opposed to the Laws, which are the superimposed or crystallized structure(s) in the Void that gives rise to the class of events that can be predicted, measured, and taken in through our senses and their extensions.

It is important to remember that I do not consider one of these classes of events to be more or less important or real than the other. They are both part of the nature of the universe we live in.

Quite often the person who experiences such an event will collapse their definition of what happened into words, thereby losing some of the grandeur but gaining some element of control over it. This process can also result in events becoming separated conceptually from this realm that likely have their source in it, such as parapsychology, alien encounters, and many areas of the occult.

Since some of these writings were done before the definitions were settled upon, you will also find me using the common words interchangeably at times.

Thank you in advance for bearing with my attempt to make sense of my thoughts by adopting my own language and conventions.


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