Random Thoughts

Things I Know Are True
(subject to correction)

I never know something to the last detail.

Change is constant, the constancy we see is an illusion.

The physical only serves as a framework for the meta-physical.

  • The rock supports the idea of "rock," a sketch of a triangle provides convenience for "triangle."
  • I am us.
  • "I" is, or am, the basis of doubt on which rests evidence of metaphysical existence.

No condition is absolute:

  • Happiness becomes empty, pain simply an exercise.
  • Tiredness provides insight.
  • Exhaustion is the beginning.

A soul must harmonize and be harmonized with its body before it can begin to experience reality;
Reality is not obvious to the eyes but
It cannot be perceived by the soul or mind alone.

Our reality is the overlap between the predictable and the impossible...
Dreaming brings it light, and individually we resolve the conflict into the shared universe.

The brain is a sense organ.

It perceives... Scales? Changes in ----- patterns. And labels them as... colors...

A pattern grows, pain produces strength... truth.

Is truth a constant measure of our universe?
Is beauty a constant measure of our universe?

Some things I have been thinking about for a couple of months now.


[Editorial note: I found this in a file drawer a couple of days ago. Thought it was a bit amusing, although of course I would surely argue with some of the ideas, or at least the semantics, almost seventeen years later.

I am glad, that nowadays I probably would have tried to address the ideas in here in several different essays, thus having the chance of perhaps at least one of them being coherent and useful. As it is, this one is stretched a bit thin, and it sounds like I was having trouble putting some of what I thought into words.

Some of it still reads like digested and reprocessed things I had read or studied, too, rather than my own thoughts based on direct experience. But what the heck, I was 27, what did I know? - 9/3/03]

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