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Types of Spiritual Experience (Events)

I am listing these here not to analyse their different types but to indicate the general range over which they seem to fall. I do not think these are actually "different", I think they are all examples of the same sort of thing. We just experience them in different ways at different times, and when we have different preconceptions.

Out of body experiences ("astral projection")

Seeing God

Feeling "at one" with the universe

Seeing ghosts (hearing, touching, being chased by, etc.)

Visions (as opposed to the more mundane hallucination) and perhaps some forms of schizophrenia

Religious ecstasies, "successful" praying

Some meditational states

"Paranormal" experiences such as...

    Second sight


    and perhap telekinesis (but I doubt it even happens)

    Reading palms, tarot, and stars - when done well by a sensitive psychic

Some leaps of faith

Epiphanies that seem to bypass ones normal analytic/synthetic creative processes

"Love at first sight" at its best, and also related to that, "instant" friendships


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