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Crimes and Punishment - they serve as part of the infinite loop 2/14/24
Little Things the things don't let a wedge between us 2/14/24
Prove It (You knew you could) 2/2/24
Silence even the squirrels stopped their chatter 1/28/24
Fidelity The sidewalk passes gently underfoot 1/27/24
One Love, One Life A pretty little thing that I wrote and sing 1/19/24
A Glimpse of Joy ...that you will never see 1/7/24
If I Lean Towards You, I Will Change Direction And you liked me with this... intention 1/2/24
It's a New Day Coming All over us this morning 1/1/24
The Best and the Worst When there wasn't anything left we bore 12/27/23
Civilisation 2024 Did we put an end to all war? 12/24/23
Adventure Expanding where there's room 12/16/23
Have to Go You don't. Have to go. 12/11/23
Libration Those take two to operate as well 12/7/23
Ink Stains where the light gets through 12/2/23
You Want This If you've ever been alive... 11/27/23
Outside a World of Fear it took you years to adjust 11/21/23
One More Time (We Should Be) If you move to me again...
(Previously two separate songs)
Infraction 571428 When the acid burns your fingers 11/13/23
Teenage Girl They treat you like it's a crime 11/10/23
Disconnection Forget all the things you think they did 11/9/23
Simplify Your wishes might help you learn to fly 11/6/23
Oppression Not bound to a curve 11/4/23
To the End There's never enough time 11/3/23
Art! Music! Love! We create them ourselves and share with others 11/1/23
isolation we learned to make do 10/30/23
The Bog We make camp this night or 10/15/23
Exclusion ...of all others 10/13/23
A Song About You A redrafted version - stronger in general appeal 10/10/23
A Song About You (Part One) The first version, which might make a nice album closer somewhere 10/9/23
Some of Us Drawing outside the lines, drumming outside time 10/1/23
Hearts and Jewels You were still breathing life into fools 9/29/23
Something Darker Wanting ... all their bones and fleece 9/28/23
The Silence Explodes Ai-ee-yeah, and some others, ai-ee-oh 9/20/23
Something ... please sound no alarms 9/19/23
Regrets Only My words pale, my eyes tears dried 9/17/23
Free Speech It's not enough to help them kick their addiction - stop abusing free speech 9/11/23
The Luxury of History A bit more perspective 9/4/23
The Luxury of History (Essay) A lot of perspective   9/3/23
Dislodged There's no home any more for me 8/26/23
From the Trees ...let us make peace and be free 8/24/23
Everything Hurts ...and for silence, I beg 8/21/23
You Were There You were there, you were always there 8/17/23
Come How soon can you come again? 8/15/23
Crossroads Probably not too young 8/7/23
How Long Could I erase your presence? 8/5/23
Bricks and Roses How perfectly British 8/2/23
Not For Me How to be free 8/1/23
A Different Castle A castle after all but still... 7/4/23
Teach Me With you within, with you without 7/2/23
You and Me We go a long way to bind 6/18/23
(Wind Chill) The middle of the night even worse 5/27/23
In Over Our Ears The middle of a kiss might be even more so 5/26/23
Midnight Kisses The middle of the night is far more important to know 5/24/23
Frost Never forget to protect tender new growth 5/24/23
One Sail Also about mythologies and our unadmitted failings 5/22/23
seventeen lines you can't miss me if I don't 4/27/23
Delivery Delight is served 4/19/23
Inside Outside Blues Out there it's the same old shit. 4/18/23
Spring My Love Will Come When, then, where, there, why. How. 4/14/23
I Want You Tell me now do you love her? 4/9/23
Magic Never Leaves You don't know what I know you want me to need 4/4/23
Insensible unity achieved when five are merged as one 4/1/23
Wouldn't You? Love to love to love 3/26/23
All Around Us And never calls the end 3/22/23
(Bleed) In Dreams All traces of beauty to forget you remember 3/3/23
Even Better, Sex You're better than all the rest. 2/22/23
Love Song Part II Our spirit sings we call our minds 2/15/23
Primordial Fuse when the eve of life is defective 2/11/23
Twisted Rocker Your mother cares even if you can't be bothered 2/8/23
Empty Heroes No sympathy. Just tea and consolation. 2/6/23
Formaldehyde If only preserving memories was this easy 2/2/23
Ammonia Somebody had to say it 1/14/23
Glorious And so we embark upon unknown crossings 1/1/23
Acutely Aware ...of the time not spent doing this 12/25/22
Scattered For the disrupted and the shattered among us all 12/21/22
Why Ask Me You know answers 12/16/22
everything you were everything including yourself 12/2/22
Habits From a brief lyric note of twenty years ago... today? 11/28/22
Bitter/Sweet every word I hear sounds like your name 11/24/22
It Goes Like This And if it does, they'll listen 11/19/22
I Want You to Hear Ruminations on a rainy night 11/11/22
Rather A simple little poem song about light and dark 10/26/22
Down the Road A little something the band and I came up with 10/18/22
If You Remember Another journey into classic folk 10/13/22
We Have Never Met It doesn't really matter in space or time to be 10/2/22
Preparing to Hide When all we've built is threatened 9/30/22
Those Boots One more crack like that and I'll have to... 9/20/22
Some Stories Your tale might not be written yet 9/17/22
Filler (With Just a Little Kiss) It's a tropical rainforest out there 9/16/22
Pleasure There's something I forgot to say 9/16/22
Seasons Our work will never be done 9/10/22
Librarian If you know what I mean 9/3/22
Roses and Coffee The answers are all inside us 8/28/22
Revolver It's either all or nothing 8/22/22
New Ideas Open up my mind with your brave and wonderful new ideas   8/14/22
Unwelcome Sense Which I have requested to not return   8/14/22
Seared and Maddened A brief poem about connections   8/14/22
Church Then You could go but then what then? 8/6/22
Flowers I thought you were the one 7/8/22
No Way to Live But a worse way to die. From notes of 6/21/22 7/4/22
By What Right? What I was trying to write five days ago 6/29/22
again tomorrow ...and it might be worse... 6/14/22
Full of Strangers You should treat them as yourself 6/13/22
Who Falls In Love Are you a person... 6/12/22
The Devil to a Draw nightmare slayer 5/21/22
Time With Fire Pasts and futures always present 5/3/22
You Feel Nothing The days go by. 5/2/22
Girls & Boys Enjoying some holidays away 4/6/22
By the Bay A story about a lovely couple 3/31/22
My Lover Midnight A song about a magical garden 3/30/22
For Who You Are A song about growing younger 3/15/22
Who Could Ever Forget? A song about moments of eternity 3/13/22
Subway Blues (A Cost-Benefit Analysis) A treatise on urban planning 1/25/22
Postcard From Blue A song about some sun and some rain 1/15/22
Romance Is For Others The title track of Victory Is For Lovers 1/14/22
normal people A song about two of you - or us 1/13/22
Calling Home A song about time and space. A folk song. 1/1/22
Magpies We understand corruption as little as we do justice 12/10/21
Two Pieces of Music ...Subsequently Set to Art 11/20/21
All the Time Who else would understand? 11/5/21
Tank Treads The destruction we wreak for no reason breaks my heart 11/1/21
Dancing Woods Un poème, une chanson, de Norvège et d'Ecosse: a thousand-year throwback, give or take a century or two 9/30/21
Confidence A time of restlessnesses   8/9/21
Invasive The title - and closing - track of IntroViolet 7/11/21
The Pain Learning hurts. All learning hurts.   7/14/21
Shopworn Damaged goods still sold as new 7/11/21
Pilgrimage A poem in sandals   7/7/21
Silent Flowers Another oldie, a sad classic by now 7/2/21
The Transition Shaking off the cobwebs of fiction. With music. 6/21/21
Sublimation The physics of self   5/21/21
dawn Seventeen dueling syllables   5/15/21
By 3 A.M. A poem about self - the self of hope   5/5/21
Dryad Oh my, this is lovely, isn't it?   4/28/21
It Was Raining I took some words I wrote in 11/04 and made them into a song 4/20/21
The Key of the Sun An afternoon break from everything   4/6/21
Expression A result of oddly cruel fictions - and even crueler facts   3/13/21
A Year In Isolation A report of oddly cruel facts - and even crueler fictions   3/11/21
Royalty, Democracy, and Socialism The absurdity of inheritance, all wrapped up in two sentences   3/7/21
Make It Stop Just trying to make it all stop.   3/7/21
Private Plains Ape - part number three Another take on our sameness and differences   3/4/21
and Art A poem about art and barnacles. And stuff.   2/26/21
Lives' Lines A poem about lines, one would assume. And lives.   2/15/21
Private Plains Ape - version one point one A six-page expurgation about learning and coercive socialization   2/9/21
Born Wrong Another shard of pottery   1/8/21
Nothing to Heal A song - a waltz macabre 1/8/21
Strung Out A song about love and beauty. Or drugs. 12/8/20
(Climbing) Gravity's Well An astronomical song 12/2/20
Liberty A poem about freedom and time   11/24/20
death (is a theme) A poem about life   9/25/20
We're All the Same: Different Aren't we? The same in that we are different, that is?   3/22/20
Empty A poem about simplicity   6/1/18
The Tower What is its purpose?   5/21/18
Shattered A reflection on the nature of some 'broken' people   12/30/17
Lighthouse (You Will Find Your Way) Another (song) from the eye of the storm (2:40 AM) 12/6/17
The Brain The brain is an organ   8/4/16
Juvenilia Stylistic ramblings in pottery land   10/1/14
jesus random half-finished jokes about a dead carpenter   11/9/06
Frequently Asked Questions what it says on the tin   6/23/05
otherpeopleisms a few things that made me chuckle   5/22/05
meaning2 all answers, all the time   3/23/04
days dark depressing little ones, indeed   8/25/03
life1 imaginary little literary scavenger hunt   8/19/03
questions2.htm interviewing versus actually being with   8/17/03
gods_and_monsters time to regroup and start over?   8/13/03
hunger2 half a loaf is better...   4/24/03
war2 support the troops?   4/17/03
war1 who would Jesus kill?   4/8/03
darkness a formless echo from the abyss   1/30/03
prometheus a harsh and tragic outburst of ego   1/21/03
america7 elections can be depressing   11/7/02
religion0 the past and the future of religion   4/2/02
spirit13 the nature of a strange 'organ'   4/2/02
thesis4 the limitations of scientific method on my work   3/28/02
origins where we from? eh?   3/28/02
science from the beginning to now - and what?   1/05/02
types06 seeing ghosts   12/26/01
types05 feeling at one with the universe   12/26/01
types04 meditational states and transcendence   12/26/01
types03 visions, hallucinations and schizophrenia   12/26/01
types02 seeing god, religious ecstacy, praying...   12/26/01
types01 out of body experiences, or astral projection   12/26/01
words2 language barriers to discussing transcendental topics   12/26/01
spirit12 strangers who are not so strange to us   5/16/01
spirit11 Space, Time, and Light   5/12/01
truth1 truth and dogma   5/2/01
freedom3 does freedom even exist?   3/29/01
belief4 a cute, but useless, quote   3/22/01
reality1 what is real?   10/17/00
reality2 internal and external lives   10/17/00
spirit10 so where does your 'soul' go when you die?   10/17/00
spirit5 how information can move in and out of space time   8/13/00
spirit6 asking questions   8/13/00
cycles7 seven year growth cycles of the personality   8/5/00
meaning1 which came first? an important question   8/5/00
error1 an error that permeates Western thought   8/4/00
thesis2 what do I expect from you?   8/2/00
gender1 a radical view of men and women I hold very dear   8/1/00
spirit3 how to react to these events   7/31/00
spirit4 theories about the nature of spiritual perceptions   7/31/00
spirit7 how space-time and the beyond are related   7/31/00
spirit9 A major attempt at defining what this site is all about   7/18/00
love1 pure love flows through all without aim...   7/13/00
definitions A first attempt to define a few terms I need   7/12/00
method kind of a description of how I am doing this   7/12/00
premises the beginnings of an attempt to be more rigorous   7/12/00
my_damn_life A partial story of my altered states   7/10/00
types what we call our altered states...   7/10/00
blasphemy a short rumination on naming our gods   7/8/00
theMindxxxx a site expounding a theory of the MIND   Feb-Mar/00
thesis1 a bit about the core of this project   12/2/99
fear1 a short note about complacency   12/1/99
belief2 a logical disputation of belief   11/26/99
spirit0 a foreshadowing of this journey down the rabbit hole   10/13/99
spirit1 an early attempt to define this project   10/13/99
spirit2 an 'extroduction' - part 2 of love4 (I think)   10/13/99
belief3 about struggling 'not to believe'   11/19/97
Hunger a song about food from 'Ruins' 2/10/94
time2 early evidence of Thoughts in your humble author   4/15/88
truth0 some scattered thoughts I found lying around   1/25/87
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