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A Year In Isolation A report of oddly cruel facts - and even crueler fictions 3/11/21
ai Artificial Intelligence 3/12/00
and Art A poem about art and barnacles. And stuff. 2/26/21
Believe a song about faith from 'Ruins' 5/6/98
Blackout I don't know what this (song) - or any of this - is. 1/26/21
Born Wrong Another shard of pottery 1/8/21
The Brain The brain is an organ 8/4/16
Choices a song about freedom from 'Ruins' 1/28/97
contact strangers, people, and communication 11/28/03
cycles7 seven year growth cycles of the personality 8/5/00
death (is a theme) A poem about life 9/25/20
decision1 building useful 'decision trees' in real life 12/11/01
We're All the Same: Different Aren't we? The same in that we are different, that is? 3/22/20
drugs they're bad, don't use them, unless... 12/27/01
Dryad I sing your name/In counterpoint 4/28/21
emotion1 emotions, what they are and how to live with them 10/18/00
emotion2 an incomplete list of emotions... 10/18/00
emotion3 a rebuttal to part of emotion1! 10/22/00
emotion4 depression, my little black puppy... 11/16/00
emotion5 those complicated chemicals in your brain 9/5/01
Expression A result of oddly cruel fictions - and even crueler facts 3/13/21
Frequently Asked Questions what it says on the tin 6/23/05
(Climbing) Gravity's Well A song about freedom and space 12/2/20
human1 human nature: part one 8/18/01
human2 human nature: part two 8/18/01
human3 human nature: part three 8/18/01
idiots3 intelligent design? 12/21/05
Juvenilia Stylistic ramblings in pottery land 10/1/14
Liberty A poem about freedom and time 11/24/20
Lighthouse (You Will Find Your Way) Another (song) from the eye of the storm (2:40 AM) 12/6/17
meaning1 which came first? an important question 8/5/00
mind1 my 'bamboo' analogy of the personality and mind 8/2/00
mind2 some charts of an amusing model: the 'Huw Diagram' 1/01/02
mind3 how this model could be tested and made rigorous 1/01/02
mind4 the model as applied to mental illness 1/01/02
mind5 dreams are how we file away our experiences 1/01/02
mind6 emotions are our unconscious talking to us 1/01/02
mind7 the mind: what it is, how it evolved and how it works 1/15/02
mind8 consciousness by degrees, and the magic of language 1/19/02
mind9 space, time, and irrational thoughts about curvatures 12/18/05
Nothing to Heal A song - a waltz macabre 1/8/21
otherpeopleisms a few things that made me chuckle 5/22/05
privacy1 just a few simple words 12/2/99
Private Plains Ape -
part number three
Another take on our sameness and differences 3/4/21
Private Plains Ape - version one point one A six-page expurgation about learning and coercive socialization 2/9/21
prometheus a harsh and tragic outburst of ego 1/21/03
Quantum of Infection On the probabilistic nature of our state of infection 4/23/20
questions2.htm interviewing versus actually being with 8/17/03
self1 on the nature of consciousness 6/7/01
Shattered A reflection on the nature of some 'broken' people 12/30/17
Solitude I'm sure I have touched on this before 2/11/18
spirit13 the nature of a strange 'organ' 4/2/02
stillborn a short but powerful prose poem 1/9/00
Strung Out A song about love and beauty. Or drugs. 12/8/20
theMindxxxx a site expounding a theory of the MIND Feb-Mar/00
The Tower What is its purpose? 5/21/18
thesis3 four emotional stages of rebellion 8/13/00
truth0 some scattered thoughts I found lying around 1/25/87
words a little diddly about language and minds 1/19/03
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