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Oh yes, drugs. The terror of parents and law enforcement officials everywhere - but especially here in the wonderful free democracy of the United States.

Drugs, which ones? Some are legal, addictive and hugely destructive, some are harmless and yet considered menacingly dangerous...

Drugs; which corrupt your children's souls and make them run away, steal, swear, dress up in funny clothing; which, even worse, may make it more difficult for them to fully participate in the modern, highly competitive economy.

Drugs, which make it possible to grow old while enjoying your fruitful retirement unimpeded by traditional ailments.

Drugs, which are addictive, repulsive, and lead to a life of emotional agony and perhaps even listening to Jazz music!

Drugs, which as parents you know from your own experience may lead your children to question the values and wisdom of their parents (as if they don't already?)...

Drugs, which provide simple cures for everything from depression to patriotism.

Drugs, they'll make you see the world in a different light. You may be forced to confront your values; you might stay up all night discussing them and be tired at work the next day.

Drugs, which create a huge underground economy and pyramid of violent and criminal enterprises - because they are so devious? No, just because they are illegal.

Drugs, which make it easier to sleep when you can't get your mind off the stresses of a busy modern life.


They're bad, don't use them, unless... you have to.


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