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There is an underlying emotional process to the understanding of the problems life presents us as individuals and societies.

It goes somewhat like this:

The anger is a result of the incongruities and compromises forced on you by our cultures. A response to the absurdities of life and its demands. A retaliation against those who would limit your existence to their perception of it.

If the anger does not subside, if you do not find some comfortable niche, you will probably proceed to some sort of rebellion. To living outside some of the rules, to trying to formulate your own, even. At this point, though, a lot of energy is still devoted to going against the tide, rather than finding your own current to flow along with.

As time passes, and the world still does not listen to your rage, still does not start to become a better place, you may become despondent and feel helpless in your insights. You may be disappointed in your fellows and the way they live, or yourself and your sublimation into the machine of society.

The Search for Answers
This is the ultimate goal of any who think the world is not as it should be. While years may be spent railing against it, fighting it, criticising it, the important step is this one. When you start to search for answers, when you start to try to solve the problems, you become a complete person. You no longer bitch and moan about the status quo, you start to try invent new ways of living and loving, you start to try to understand how we become mired in our mores. You write, you dream, you create. You test your dreams against reality. You make your personal attempts to improve how we live.

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