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I Was Five Once A poem about the illusions of age 1/15/20
A Story About Eight or Nine Cats The tale of my search for a new kitty 2/55/20
Audience an essay about... you, I guess! 6/26/00
beingme1 the ups and downs of creative writing 1/03/02
bio a brief history of my stage career 9/2/97
Closer (To the New) ...than the old - another damn song 5/27/18
Death gratuitous morbidity 11/30/03
death (is a theme) A poem about life 9/25/20
Demons & Darkness There's a fine line between troubles and trouble 2/28/18
Depression I meant to write about depression in general 4/4/18
We're All the Same: Different Aren't we? The same in that we are different, that is? 3/22/20
donor either a living will, or more gratuitous morbidity 1/20/04
dream1 Larry's Motorcycle 11/16/01
dream2 shooting stars... 6/24/02
dwelling places I have lived, and autobiography 2/7/02
emotion4 depression, my little black puppy... 11/16/00
I'm Not an Engineer why I am glad I'm not a (real) engineer 10/1/06
fear1 a short note about complacency 12/1/99
gender1 a radical view of men and women I hold very dear 8/1/00
gods_and_monsters time to regroup and start over? 8/13/03
guilty hey - guess who 8/20/02
handcuffs a little brush with bureaucracy... 8/5/99
hell lightly treading the extremes of creation 8/27/03
huwisms dumb little sayings I ascribe to me 3/05
icono1 a cranky essay on holidays, and my new calendar 12/1/99 (?)
The Key of the Sun An afternoon break from everything 4/6/21
Lighthouse (You Will Find Your Way) Another (song) from the eye of the storm (2:40 AM) 12/6/17
Winter (Lost You To) A song about fearing a terrible loss - and losing 8/25/17
love10 excitement provokes personal emotional cycles 3/27/01
love11 strategy? 5/2/01
love12 a castle, a cage, and a shack 5/14/01
love19 just getting by 1/7/03
love23 Change versus growth 8/3/17
Love A poem about healing and growth 3/5/18
love5 an exploration of male sensitivity in our culture 7/7/00
my_damn_life A partial story of my altered states 7/10/00
mygarden a little story of how my garden grows 7/12/00
polisci21 why I don't want to live forever 1/9/06
profile eh, what kind of person would you like to meet? 1/21/03
prometheus a harsh and tragic outburst of ego 1/21/03
questions2.htm interviewing versus actually being with 8/17/03
I Go Back and Remember Another one from the eye of the storm (2:50 AM) 12/6/17
scowl hey - guess who 4/15/02
Solitude I'm sure I have touched on this before 2/11/18
stillborn a short but powerful prose poem 1/9/00
thesis2 what do I expect from you? 8/2/00
time0 just a man of my times... 1/02/02
time1 time for pleasant presents, past and future 3/12/02
time2 early evidence of Thoughts in your humble author 4/15/88
When I Drank A look back at a lost decade, and how I regained myself 9/17/17
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