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Why I don't want to live "forever"

These days, in fat America, people expect, or hope, to live approximately forever.

I cannot countenance such a life... why?

I would actually prefer to suffer a big fat stroke at 65 or so... yes, where I go to sleep one night, and wake up dead. I suppose within a few days it might be noticed - say, if my girlfriend noticed the absence of my calls, or of course, turned up here to the corpse.


Well, because as I look at our world and our times, my later years, say 85- 90 or so, would be 2045-2050. I think by then, America would be a desperate police state, with its republic no longer democratic, and its superpower status long past any ideal of promoting ideals, but merely the threat of our "once high tech" weapons to enforce the supply of fossil fuel energy from others who would prefer to simply get the highest price... from India, China... whoever.

I see a future America as a fascist state, that only supports its luxurious lifestyle (not for all, but for many) by the external threat of our weaponry. And, as time goes by, do you not think that, say, Iran, if they had a warhead, would not go anywhere they could to make sure they had the highest quality, highest technology delivery method available? If you think that Iran (or any other "bad guy") could not go to India (say) and hire the best brains there to help them develop a seriously potent and targeted missile system, you are fooling yourself. The same place your telephone company outsources its customer service and its programming needs would HAPPILY serve its major energy supplier with high technology support for its missile system.

And as time goes by... the U.S. will bury itself in stupidity, in self-denial, and the industrializing "third world" will do what it has to do to survive. And so will we. What will we do to survive? More racism, more "junkerism," more attempts to control resources far away from us by threat or use of force... and one day, we will realize that such force has little leverage.


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