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them bright lights in the sky

I dreamed I saw shooting stars last night...

Many of them - and there was someone I was trying to get to look.

A heavy scattering - everytime I looked, another one, another two - of the usual ones, the little star-like dots of light that scoot across the sky for a bit then vanish...

And at least two, as I recall, of the kind you really remember.

In my life I have seen two seriously vivid shooting stars, and in the meteor shower last winter, a number that were at least more than the "speck of light" version.

Last night, in my sleep, I saw two more... of the kind that seem to have a width, a dimension, a size... that cross the sky brightly, in a trail that has perceptible color, and the leading point glows with an orange or yellow fire.

The second of these actually visibly exploded at the end of its course...

6/24/02 - in my sleep

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