Random Thoughts


        Audaciously intelligent
        yet modest;
        of good humour
        and common breeding.

        Forgiving more than trespassing
        more flagrant in wisdom than in pain
        self knowledge that aspires
        to erase the self.

        Creatively anachronous
        yet full with time
        comfortably sexual;
        for prudes and, worse, hypocrites
        bore me.

        A lightness of touch
        with strength to grasp
        understanding mingled with clarity
        know not more than you can teach.

        Be naked before me
        no veilings of your native will
        unfailingly transparent
        know your soul as I will
        and you will be my friend.

        1/21/03 - 5:05 AM

Varying pulse, breathing to breathless, fully limbed and limber, teeth present and smiling, personality positive and persuasive, character corrupted and curious... "Tip: If you are disconnected with your date, simply press 'next chat' at the bottom of your chat window to connect with the next member."

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