Random Thoughts

Demons & Darkness
There's Surely a Difference

Darkness brings you down
A sad fog of despair
Demons make you howl
You lash out at whoever is near

Darkness clouds your mind
A dreary procession of time
Demons make you unkind
Acts you wish you could deny

Darkness holds you down
And is so hard to endure
Demons knot your brow
As you tear apart the future

Darkness may lift someday
But only for a while
Demons are here to stay
You make all your life a trial

Darkness makes you weak
Sucking the hope out of life
Demons stalk into the breach
Slash at your heart with a knife


I could live with your darkness
While I ache for your return
But your demons wouldn't let us
It feeds them to watch us burn

Post Post Script

"Endure" and "future" rhyme
On paper, but not in air
This language seems to me
Terribly cruel and unfair

2/28/18 1:50 AM

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