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civil_service poem: a glum view of the future 6/29/79
confrontation poem: questions about mind and body 6/23/79
counterpoint poem: just searching for my place in life 11/4/79
die poem: a little suffocation 9/25/79
dreamer poem: living in a world made for others 6/30/79
feelings poem: how can I ever pin them down? 9/8/79
holding poem: ooh, a little about love and frustration 7/14/79
hours poem: the meaning and passage of time 7/30/79
ideation poem: about creation and being created 9/25/79
love poem: we will always be trying to understand this 7/14/79
misery poem: trapped, stuck, still here (where?) 8/18/79
no_minds poem: playing with some religious ideology 9/25/79
~here poem: playing with words of emptiness 7/1/79
picture_her (with him) poem: yes, it's about jealousy 7/18/79
promise poem: one "chapter" from the above? 6/30/79
purest poem: a little sweet idealism 7/29/79
running poem: an attempt at escape 6/25/79
smoke poem: will the passion reignite? 9/15/79
tomorrow poem: fiddling about with time 7/3/79
unreal poem: trying to act on the world instead of vice versa 7/28/79
untitled poem: some ins and outs of love 8/29/79
wonderland a strange little exercise 6/30/79
yesterday poem: fiddling about with time 7/1/79
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