Random Thoughts

Civil Service

My name is old plastic buttons
I work for the outmoded
"civilians on the defensive" league, third committee

four days a week
I file out
and fill in forms

Sometimes I go to the beach
it's not much fun
the black goo sticks between your toes
and the cultivated seaweed beds
don't exactly help the surfing

Usually on my days off
I take trips
the local library has thousands on tape
and I get one RealTrip tab each week
So it's ok

I will be promoted
when I am thirty to the office one floor up
where I will do the third step
on the paper I'm second mate for now
I will get a fifteen square foot raise
and five RealTrips a year bonus: freedom

New York how I love thee
from sea to shining sea

180/79 (6/29/79)

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