Random Thoughts

The Workingman's Wonderland

1Promise of paradise
2Finding happy niche (future dreams)
3Struggling to pay the rent
4I need a raise;
We deserve a raise!
(We're indispensable)
5Shoot that non-contributor .... hippie
6Paid my dues, got my raise & my 35 hour week
7Now the new TV stereo car boat clothes vacation home Hawaii Disneyland and movies every Friday
8TV Announcer:
"Reports show the consumer price index rose 1.1% last month: If the trend continues, double digit inflation this year!"
9And it is reflected in the new decreased spending power of our hard-won increased earnings (we had to pay the union men and the government agencies to regulate our asshole F. league etc.) [sic]

ed. note: this is exactly what it says. If I knew what I meant, I would fix it...

10Damn Commie Blues
11Where will this all end...
Nowhere coincident with your prejudices
12Subsistence farming!
13"Federal government announces future underwriting of all university graduate student costs. And on the business side, a ten percent sales tax nationwide..."

181/79 (6/30/79) - 2 AM

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