Random Thoughts

Picture Her... (with him)

Screaming Hate!
Passionate moans
Breathing Love!
Come now unto all chemicals -

Picture her apart; in the next town...
four shots down and lonelified
Doing what she does wiht no explanation
to you - But neither to herself (she's tried)

Her cold untouchable flesh smooth
warm and red and tan and glistening
for someone else and you know... for anyone else
She wants to escape your (her?) chains and sing

Picture her now, caught up in a real dream
sweating, her palms, moisten her breasts
She sees who she could have and she -
sits beside him on his leg her hand rests

As if he didn't see through her words
(They both know the score... who's losing?)
They quietly leave and share sweat
pleasure for now without calling it choosing

Picture her! Moaning in his arms...
Some unknown collapsing your dreams - oh
She's - oh - satisfied, oh she knows it, oh
He - oh - can tell it, oh by her screams - oh

Dreaming Blood
You scream at her
Talking calm
Why can't you say your mind?

199/79 (7/18/79)

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